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Cambridge, United Kingdom
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$240 worth of pudding, 120 minutes, 30 seconds to mars, achewood, alan cumming, alan rickman, ana lovelis, arnold rimmer, bathtime, being erica, beowulf, bill bailey, black books, bpal, comic books, conan o'brien, crochet, dave gorman, dave mckean, deadliest catch, depeche mode, donnie darko, dreaming, edward gorey, firefly, fresh linens, gardening, gary oldman, georgerrmartin, green man, green wing, hurricanes, indian food, jakalope, kentucky, kidneythieves, knitting, libraries, life on mars, lisa frank, marching band, mustard, my husband, neil gaiman, nemesia fruticans, nick stahl, nikko smith, nine inch nails, ninternet, noah taylor, npr, peanut butter jelly time, pink floyd, primus, rain, red dwarf, roswell, serenity, shaun of the dead, shiny things, sound of running water, spaced, t'internet, tenacious d, terry pratchett, the birthday massacre, the book group, the crow, the cure, the maxx, the mindy project, the state, thunderstorms, tool, tori amos, ugly betty, unicorns, wedding planning, wine, winter, yo mtv raps, yorkshire
american, married to brit, living in cambridgeshire, uk. avid reader, kinda crafty, hot in my ass for gardening. i like stuff and i have stuff and i do stuff, for varying values of stuff.

favourite links (today, and i can only speak for today. things will definitely be different tomorrow.)

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